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Attention to Applicant.
EXLAYER accepts many variety background staff since funded and we provide high specific and quality services to our client. We are professional and Unique firm that focuses on ICT worldwide

Our qualification requirements are Project Manager and Network Engineer.

Our approach of Project Management and SI services need to grasp several answers by the multiple ways. That's why we are challenging more unique and aggressive project, past, now and future. In addition EXLAYER is providing international work-environment, so staff can work at worldwide basis.

In this circumstance, the recruitment is most important part of our company to stay current unique and special position in SIer market. New comer brings value added services as well.

For those interested in sharing your skills with the EXLAYER team, please apply now.

President and CEO Shigeru NAGANO

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TEL  : +81 (0)3 5283 5100
FAX  : +81 (0)3 3292 3550